Super easy to use

We understand you want to focus on growing your business, not learning about a POS.  So we’ve designed our POS to work intuitively and easily, so you can focus on what matters.

  • It’s Intuitive. Just set it up and start booking appointments with our sophisticated yet simple appointment book module. 
    Don’t believe us?  Go to the PayFirst University Laboratory
  • Walk-ins? Our software handles queue-management automatically.
  • Quickly and easily accept multiple forms of payment on one transaction.
  • We’ll help you set up or transition to our POS so you can get rolling immediately.

Effortlessly Manage Your Technicians

Are you frustrated of your technicians arguing over who is next in service?  Are you tired of managing the queue manually?

Your technicians are unique and the most important part of your business. We appreciate that, and we help you care for their needs.

  • Set different price levels for different technicians.
  • Manage your queue without conflicts thanks to our automated queue management module.
  • Ensure that technicians are not double booked with our robust appointment book module.
  • Track each technician’s commissions and or hours worked with our labor management features.
  • Keep track of tips for multiple technicians for the same client.
  • No need for a CPA! With the click of a button, generate a payroll report for each employee based on wages and commissions.
Managing Your Business Made Simple

Whether you manage personally or remotely, our powerful tracking and reporting features will make it easy to spot problems and recognize new opportunities.

  • Don’t miss the next craze. See what’s selling hot, so you know what to advertise and promote.
  • See what clients tend to order together, so you can bundle services in new promotions.
  • Monitor all employee actions to quickly spot abnormal activities such as voided or discounted transactions.
  • Use clock-in/clock-out features to oversee your technicians’ punctuality and attendance.
Nurture Customer Loyalty

Let your clients feel that they are a priority by providing a genuine and personal service. Having access to your client sales history is the key to that, and we make it easy.

  • Easily add new clients at the point-of-sale, and an email address to send promotional materials. Export all clients and account balances for reporting or bulk marketing emails.
  • Use client data to create tailored promotions such as “birthday specials".
  • Use our client-toolkit to keep track of client preferences for items like hair and nail colors.
  • Create preferred membership cards to quickly identify customers as they arrive.

Gift & Loyalty Cards Made Easy

With PayFirst, you can easily generate, print, and redeem gift cards.  We do all the work for you.

  • With our POS, you can effortlessly set the parameters for your gift or loyalty card program: Tell us how many you want and what design you prefer.
  • Then, call us with your order and we’ll print the cards with your chosen image or images and ship them to you for immediate distribution to your clients.
  • Want to do it yourself? Just let us know and we’ll set up the back end.
  • Our system will track and integrate the redemption of the gift cards automatically, so you need to do no work.

White glove service

Anything you need, we’re here to help.

  • With our expert multilingual customer support, we’re always available to answer any questions you may have.
  • Intimidated by the transition process? We’ll set up the POS system and load your inventory so you can start immediately or transition seamlessly from your existing system.


Calculating commissions and services for each of my technicians used to take a lot of time at closing. Having the POS made it easier and saves me so much time at the end of the night

Nail Salon Owner


We have a busy salon, and its hard to keep track of technicians who are performing extra services for customers and are not writing them down. With the POS, I am able to view what services were requested, and what services should be performed very quickly and automatically.

Nail Salon Owner



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