Super easy to use

We understand you want to focus on growing your business, not learning about a POS.  So we’ve designed our POS to work intuitively and easily, so you can focus on what matters.

  • It’s Intuitive. The checkout system requires no explanation. Just plug it in, and get started.
    Don’t believe us?  Go to the PayFirst University Laboratory
  • Quickly and easily accept multiple forms of payment on one transaction.
  • It's a breeze to add, edit and remove products, including images, stock levels and tax.
  • We’ll help you set up or transition to our POS so you can get rolling immediately.

eCommerce Made Easy

Have you hesitated in setting up an e-commerce portal because it's too complicated or you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. We’ll do it for you.

  • We’ll use your inventory database to generate a website instantly, so you can start selling online immediately.
  • Choose a theme from our wide selection to match the décor and style of your store.
  • Start earning sales from a new direction.
  • Increase customer engagement with your brand.

Nurture Customer Loyalty

Let your customers feel that they are a priority by providing a genuine and personal service. Having access to your customer sales history is the key to that, and we make it easy.

  • Easily add new customers at the point-of-sale and save email addresses or phone numbers for promotions.
  • Export all customers and account balances for reporting or bulk marketing emails.
  • Create sales campaigns, using coupons and discount programs.
  • On-Account Sales - Record sales or layaways/laybys against customer accounts. Quickly view payments, history and current balance. Apply payments at a later date.
  • In Store Credit Creation, Redemption and Balance Tracking.
  • Set credit limits.

Gift & Loyalty Cards Made Easy

With PayFirst, you can easily generate, print, and redeem gift cards.  We do all the work for you.

  • With our POS, you can effortlessly set the parameters for your gift or loyalty card program: Tell us how many you want and what design you prefer.
  • Then, call us with your order  and we’ll print the cards with your chosen image or images and ship them to you for immediate distribution to your customers.
  • Want to do it yourself? Just let us know and we’ll set up the back end.
  • Our system will track and integrate the redemption of the gift cards automatically, so you need to do no work.

Inventory Management

Easily maintain inventory and quickly see when items are low in stock, and quickly generate a purchase order from the inventory management system.

  • Print a barcode based on an existing UPC number and import existing barcodes.
  • Painless Stock Takes - Quickly generate and complete full or partial stock-takes. Or, simply walk around the warehouse or shop with a barcode scanner and add item counts directly into your inventory management.
  • Export your purchase orders to PDF or any other file type for fax/email to vendors.
  • Always know what's in-stock, on-order, and in-transit.
  • Define multiple price levels and promotional pricing.
  • Use the built-in merchandising reports to analyze current levels, spot sales trends, and make better buying decisions.

Labor Management

Track every action by your employees to reward success and motivate productivity.

  • Track commissions.
  • Track each employee's average sale volume per customer.
  • Labor cost reduction through punctuality control for clock-in/out.
  • Use our activity logs to provide a level of oversight to ensure employee accountability.

Robust Reporting

Quickly figure out what’s hot and what’s not with our robust reporting features.

  • PayFirst comes with a full suite of product, sales and stock reports. You can also export your sales history, including line-by-line items and payment types, to generate complex reporting in Excel.
  • Get a grip on what inventory is selling and set refill points accordingly. Need to change a price? Add an item? Not a problem, now you to manage everything centrally.
  • Retain complete details for every product you sell.
  • Build a valuable database for analyzing trends.

White glove service

Anything you need, we’re here to help.

  • With our expert multilingual customer support, we’re always available to answer any questions you may have.
  • Intimidated by the transition process? We’ll set up the POS system and load your inventory so you can start immediately or transition seamlessly from your existing system.
  • If you need special features, let us know and we will accommodate.

I’m extremely glad I made the decision to work with Payfirst. I’ve found the system extremely reliable, and, when I had some questions setting up, PayFirst’s customer service was extremely helpful and friendly.

Store owner in Delaware


We’ve been in business for a long time without a POS, and kept pushing off the purchase until a friend insisted we get it, and told us to look at PayFirst.  I did, and they made it easy for even someone with poor technology skills like me to manage my business through my POS. I’m glad I started using PayFirst.

Wholesaler in Florida



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